Real Estate Market North Georgia

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Selling Process Real Estate

Selling a Property in the Georgia

1. Choose your agent

In the past, and even today, real estate agents serve as guide to help customers sell their properties. We are trained and educated licensed real estate agents who provide an abundance of knowledge about the property itself and the market. We also have a number of contacts in the industry to lead you down the right path such as staging, renovation or if you a buyer too regarding mortgage, insurance, etc.

The real estate agent takes the workload off of the seller’s shoulders, saving time, energy and frustration, making the home selling process flow smoothly. With us as a buffer between you and the other parties, we take care and make sure we pre qualify everyone that steps foot in your property.

2. Market analysis

Before we begin to market and sell your property, we analyze and evaluate your properties based on the current market competition. We also assess the current market trends, environmental and economic factors.

3. Set listing price

After number crunching, we provide a final opinion of value and sit down to discuss the proper listing price. We go over every step of the selling process, so that seller has a complete understanding and clear picture how the process works and what we do to make it happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take our time to provide all details and do not leave until all your questions are answered.

4. Lay back

After all paperwork is complete, we are good to go and you can lay back and let us go to work, preparing and initiating the advertisement and the communications with other agents and potential buyers. The work is handed over to real estate agent, who markets the property and negotiates the best offer for you.

Selling Process