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Buying Process Real Estate

Buying a home in North Georgia - step by step

1. Buying decision

Buying a property is a huge personal and emotional decision. Most relevant in the purchase process beside finding the right home, is assessing your personal finances.

2. Find your agent

A good real estate professional puts the client in the first place. A single agent owes to you the following duties:

The 2015 Florida Statutes

3. Get pre-approved

One of the most vulnerable part of buying a house is the financing process. Your personal real estate professional takes care that the buying process is without stress as much as it could be.

Mortgage calculator

4. Looking for your home

You find your personal agent, you have your finances cleared and now you start looking. Be sure that you gave all your criteria of your new home to your agent.

Criteria such as:

5. Make and offer

YEAH! you found the perfect one. Now you have to determine the offer price. Your agent helps you with that while showing you of comparable home values in the neighbourhood.

6. Due diligence

After your offer is accepted you have your chance to put the property to the acid test. An professional inspector will find every issue the property has. The final property report shows everything even the little issues. Don't get scared of the report size. Your agent will go through the report with you - bit by bit.

There are two scenarios which could happen:

If the appraisal comes in at or above the contract price, we move towards closing.

If the appraisal comes in below the contract price, we must renegotiate. Normally either the seller accepts that lower price or the buyer, if they are willing to do so financially, comes up with the difference in cash at closing.

7. Closing

If you are not in town, a closing documents package and the wire instruction for the sell price minus deposit will be send to you for signing with a paid return mail label (typically mailed by FedEx or UPS).

When all the documents are back to the title company; signed by all parties and the title company made the final approval that everything is accurate, the keys will be released. Congrats! The property is now yours, until you hire us to sell it for you when the time comes.

Buying Process