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Why your privacy matter to me and what I do to protect yours


Personal data will be needed under some circumstances like getting a loan but knowledge about it in the wrong hands is a powerful tool. Your decisions, reputation and the control over your life are at stake.

Wish of Privacy

Not all information should be screamed out into the world. In real estate we must give a couple of basic information to other companies such as to the title company or to the other broker, but we definitely don't have to put a picture with you at the closing table on social media platforms.

No show-off and Trust

To be proud of what someone has accomplished or what he/she possesses, is a natural thing. Unfortunately, people often get judged by that or it caused a lot of envy. My clients' private information will never be told or shown on websites or social media. Depending upon trust in a relationship, if it is a private or a professional one, is the key to sustain a relationship.


Nowadays online reviews are the significant tool to get clients. If you have a minute to write one, that will be great.

Secured Private conversation

By signing up with me as your agent, all of our email traffic will be encrypted, protected, and secured by a special software. Our real estate relationship will be kept absolutely private on my side.